In every show there are select few exhibitors whose work is of such high quality that special recognition is warranted. To give these gifted people their just recognition, the Outstanding Exhibitor Award was instituted. The judges elect recipients of the award and their pieces on exhibit are removed from competition for Certificates of Merit and Bronze Medals. The exhibitor's pieces on display are still eligible for Gold and Silver Medals. To qualify for this award, the exhibitor must have at least three separate pieces on display, all considered by the judges to be of award-winning quality, clearly demonstrating the exhibitor's superior creativity, artistry and skill.


The Show Committee sponsors a number of additional awards designed to recognize excellence in areas not covered by the main competition and to stimulate interest in certain types of exhibits to enhance the appeal of the show each year. These awards are:

The Displayer's Award

For imaginative use of materials and techniques to set off a display. The quality of the exhibited work itself in unimportant.

The Theme Award

For the best coordinated display(s) of single figures, dioramas or scale models on a central theme of the exhibitor's choice.

The Wargame Award

For the best exhibit of wargame figures, consisting of single figures or a balanced army or fleet. Entries must be used primarily for wargaming.

The Oklahoma Award

The Show Committee will present this award to the best exhibit that best depicts a character or event from Oklahoma's past, present… or future.

The Tulsa Medal

The HMSNEO's highest honor. Tulsa Medallists are those individuals who, over the past years, have consistently demonstrated superior creativity, artistry and skill.

The Tulsa Award

The Tulsa Award will be presented to the most outstanding display by a Tulsa Medallist as determined by a special team of judges.


And last, but not least, is the Best of Show Award. This award is given to the single exhibit that receives the most votes from both the judges and the exhibitors.

Exhibitors should be sure to obtain their Best of Show Ballot at the Registration Desk


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The annual auction of painted figures and scale models will be a silent auction held on Saturday June 4th, 2016 in the show area. Of the pieces offered, some will be one-of-a-kind conversions painted and sculpted by award-winning miniaturists. This offers you a great opportunity to obtain a unique addition to your collection. FOR INFORMATION ON THE PIECES OFFERED IN THIS YEAR'S AUCTION, contact
MIKE DAVIDSON @ 918-492-3559 OR BY EMAIL: mike@thehussar.com


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Tulsa Wyndham Hotel Information

The HMSNEO has been allotted a block of rooms at the Wyndham Hotel Tulsa. You may reserve your room by calling the hotel direct at (918) 627-5000.